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Welcome to The Law Offices of Scott Kalkwarf

Protecting Your Rights Through Tough Representation!

With a B.A. in Social Work, a M.A. Counseling, and being a lawyer for the last 20 years, I bring a unique point of view and skills in representing clients going through a tough time.  As a solo practitioner I am able to give clients the attention they need to resolve all the issues they are facing.

A Big Picture Approach to Divorce and Family Law
It's an unfortunate truth that nearly 50 percent of marriages end in divorce. If you find yourself on the wrong side of that statistic, you may be struggling with a range of emotions and some difficult choices. Because those decisions will affect you for many years to come, they should not be taken lightly, nor guided by anger or impulse.
You should discuss these issues with an attorney who can help you explore all the possible ramifications — for you and your children, for your mental well-being as well as your financial interests.  I am committed to working amicably towards a comprehensive resolution while protecting your rights through aggressive representation. 

Real Estate Matters can be Complicated 

Residential real estate matters are often complex and difficult to handle, especially for an individual who does not fully understand the legal aspects and implications of a real estate issue. Scott Kalkwarf is committed to helping buyers and sellers of real property achieve smooth and trouble-free real estate transactions.  After a purchase is made other problems can arise such as easement/boundary disputes or foreclosures.  If you are a landlord, there can be issues with a tenant, and if you are a tenant there are sometimes problems with the landlord.  Scott Kalkwarf has the ability to walk you through all these problems so that the best solution can be reached for your situation.

Estate Planning/Probate

If you are considering writing your first will or revising an existing will; wondering whether your asset structure and family situation requires a more complex estate plan; or are the personal representative of an estate and need assistance with probate administration, Scott Kalkwarf can help you through estate planning, wills, trusts and probate with care, efficiency and a high level of professionalism.